Wedding Week: Resources

So we’ve covered a lot this week! Everything from wedding signage and bridesmaid proposals to figuring out your Big Day Budget™ and registering for everything you’ll need for this next stage of life! …But maybe you still have questions? Don’t worry, so do we, and we’ve both been through this before! Not to worry, there are so many resources out there that can help you plan. Here are just a few that we love and ended up coming back to quite a bit in our planning.

For General Questions

  • A Practical Wedding — useful for all things necessary while giving you creative and usually budget-friendly ways to really unique-ify your Big Day, APW has also published two books to assist in your planning: ‘A Practical Wedding Planner‘ and ‘A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas‘.
  • Cost Helper — we love this resource for our everyday lives, too, but it is super helpful when crafting your initial wedding budget and determining where your funds are best allocated.
  • reddit (/r/weddingplanning, /r/wedding, /r/weddingsunder10k, /r/weddingsover10k) — while sometimes best left in their corner of the internet, redditors are extra helpful when it comes to wedding questions whether it’s new venues in your area, how much you can save by buying wedding dresses online, or deciding what kind of wedding band to pair with your engagement ring 🙂
  • Rely on those that have been through it before. Married friends love re-living their day and will be happy to help with yours. If you’ve chosen to hire a day-of coordinator, use them as a resource before the wedding too, they’ve seen tons of weddings and can help you navigate your way.
  • Join Facebook groups! We love the Something Borrowed, Something New group for LA-based brides. But if you are located elsewhere just do a search and tons of groups will come up. This is a great way to get advise from other brides and vendors. If you join a location-based group, you can even ask for vendors to give you a pitch for their services. It’s a great way to get them to vie for your business.

For Inspiration


What other resources, websites, books, and blogs have you used to help in planning your wedding?? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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