About Us

Stella & Laura: The Story

Stella and Laura (that’s us!) met at Emerson College in 2008 in Boston, MA. Soon after meeting for the first time at a Board Meeting for Emerson’s Fashion Society (🙄), we realized we both shared a vehement passion for to do lists, event planning, and other super type-A stuff, and started hanging out so much that people often confused one of us for the other.

By 2011 we had both made the move from Boston to Los Angeles, and started exploring our new city with gusto…and with more to do lists! Stella works at UCLA in events and freelances on the side as a wedding planner and in marketing and PR. Laura plays ukulele at Fender by day (and also does some web development) and tags along to Stella’s freelance gigs every once in a while, because neither of them can say no to The Side Hustle.

As both our 10-year friend-a-versary (January 11, 2018!) and the big 3-0 approaches (those will both hit in 2019…eek?), we realized we were talking more and more about the “adulty” things of life. Laura and her fiancĂ© own a home and have adopted a myriad of pets. Stella is married (after having the world’s best wedding) and she and her husband have monthly budget meetings. All in all the words “stable” and “committed” really seemed to be defining our lives. But neither of us truly felt like an Adult™ yet.

So in came this blog, to rescue our two protagonists from thinking they had fully grown up yet. Watch us figure out finances (blending with a significant other! investing! 401k’s!), wellness (hi, we both have a yoga addiction and also love essential oils, we can’t help it, we live in LA), cooking (sun basket, anyone?), and the many other trials and tribulations of being a millennial in today’s atmosphere.