What to Do After Scandal: The Final Season

Is anyone else just completely devastated now that Scandal has finally come to an end? We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite TV shows, movies, podcasts, and books for you to watch, read, and listen to that will be great for Scandal fans!

TV Shows:

Shondaland Shows

If you are a fan of Scandal, you’ll be a fan of all the Shondaland Shows. Shonda Rhimes and her production company, Shondaland, are the masterminds behind many of our favs including Gray’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder and of course Scandal. She also has a new show called For the People. We haven’t had a chance to check it out yet but it’s on our list for sure!

The Good Wife

This show is one of our all time favorites and for some reason it many of our fellow Scandal-fan-friends haven’t watched it yet. If you are one of those, start this show right away! The Good Wife has an incredible cast, the main character is a strong woman in the world of law in Chicago. Though you are out of the Washington politics with this show, you’ll get plenty of local/state politics and just the right amount of drama. We also love that you can stream this show for free if you have Amazon Prime.

House of Cards

This show isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s Washington politics as you’ve never seen them before. Packed with drama, just like Scandal, it for sure won’t disappoint if you’re craving more political thrills.


An oldie but a goodie. If you managed to skip Alias back in the early 2000s when it first aired, be sure to circle back. This show also has a strong female lead (Jennifer Garner) at the helm and centers around the world and secrets of the CIA.


Erin Brockovich

One of our favorite movies of all time. Julia Roberts stars in this amazing movie that is based on a true story about a legal clerk turned environmental activist.

Legally Blonde

Ok, so this one’s not nearly as serious but it’s a nice one to re-visit if you are looking for a movie about women changing the world and kicking butt in the world of law.

The Ides of March

This movie is all about politics. We love the all star cast featuring George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood.



Season one is incredible. It’s the true story of Adnan Syed and the case regarding his trial in 2000 when he was charged for first-degree murder and kidnapping of his former girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Even if you are not a podcast person, give this show a try! It’s completely binge-worthy and the story is still unfolding in the news so you’ll be able to follow along from time to time in real life.


This show is also from the creators of Serial. The show is filled with journalism style detective work and interviews. You’ll love listening to Brian Reed try to get to the bottom of this story.


From Gimlet, a favorite producer in our podcast world, comes this winding and thrilling story of a caseworker at an experimental facility for post-war soldiers. Their first foray into fictionalized podcasting, Gimlet uses a varied timeline and an audio-immersive way of storytelling that really knocks it out of the park.


Girl on the Train

Taking the book world by storm a few years ago, Girl on the Train is a psychological thriller told in the first person from three different women’s perspectives. It tells the story of a commuter who thinks she knows the couple next door from watching their activities. With lots of twists, this is a good one to set a weekend aside for!

What Alice Forgot

One of the many Liane Moriarty novels we’ve loved, What Alice Forget tells the story of a perfect life gone bad. Alice, the book’s protagonist, is a 29-year old newly wed, crazy about her husband and pregnant… until she wakes up to her same life a decade later and things are not quite as perfect as she pictured.


If you haven’t caught the ongoing theme of suspense, this is another book that will keep you up late in the night trying to figure this one out. Following the East Coast college life of Mabel visiting her friend, Ev Winslow, for the summer in Vermont, Bittersweet tells the story of the Winslows and how they’ve come to such prominence in their community.

Watch Me Disappear

Another did-she / didn’t-she tale, Watch Me Disappear keeps you guessing until the very last second. Billie was a beautiful, charismatic Berkeley mom to Olive and wife to Jonathan until one year ago when she vanished from a solo hike, seemingly dead. This book follows Olive as she hallucinates her mother telling her she is still alive and wants to be found and Jonathan who is struggling to put the past behind him. An emotional goodie, this one is a surefire quest for the truth.

Does anyone else have great recommendations for what to do now that we don’t have Scandal on Thursday nights? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. – One more goodie we can’t leave out: The Album Leaf’s ‘Into the Blue Again.’ The album’s intro track, ‘The Light,’ is sure to be familiar to Scandal fans, but the rest of the CD is great, too!

Let us know what you think!