It’s A Thing 8.24.18

  1. I house sat for Laura last weekend while she was traveling and had so much fun checking out her neighborhood. Can’t wait to go back to Joy and try everything on the menu. I loved the items we ordered including the Minced Pork Bowl pictured below.img_8576
  2. I am very intrigued by these waste-reducing toothpaste tablets by a company called Bite. There are a few similar and less expensive products available on Amazon. But the cool thing about Bite is that the tablets come in a recyclable glass bottle. Adding these to my must-try list as soon as I finish my current tube!
  3. I love all of these budget date ideas (1), (2), (3).
  4. Very impressed with all of these kitchen hacks from the folks behind So Yummy, now I just have to remember them next time I am stuck in the kitchen.
  5. This Money Peach episode had me grinning from ear to ear! I loved listening to Vincent Pugliese tell his story of going from making $32k a year to having a day that he made the same amount within 24 hours. His story was incredibly inspiring. Very excited to add his book to my reading list. PS – check out my other favorite Money Peach episodes here.


  1. Super pumped for this new Little Tokyo DTLA bar, The Mermaid! I actually know one of the co-owners from her delicious restaurant in Glassell Park and am so psyched to continue supporting her ventures.

    2018-08-18 19.28.53
    Caught a game at Fenway while we were in Boston last week!
  2. Really appreciated Kimberly including a link to Man Repeller’s ‘Why Do I Feel the Need to “Look Good”?‘ article. A great read with some valuable tidbits to remind yourself of often.
  3. Currently lusting after the new KJP embroidered sweaters. My preppy side runs deep, and even the sweltering Los Angeles summers can’t keep me away from these knit navy beauties!
  4. Salt Water New England introduced me to the concept of “Swedish death cleaning” this week and I promptly fell into a very deep google black hole on the concept [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]. I like it much better than some of the other tidying/house-cleansing fads that have been popularized as of late because of the practicality behind it.
  5. I love local Yelp communities’ weekly emails that are always centered on one type of food, a certain kind of restaurant, etc. and this week was no exception. Enter all the oysters! I bookmarked all of them for future oyster times.

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