5 Tiny European Towns We’re Adding To Our Must-Visit List

We’re constantly looking for new and interesting places to visit. Laura just had an incredible trip to Austria and got to check out some really interesting smaller towns that are a little off the beaten path. It inspired us to make a list of our must-see spots that might be a little less traveled to than our travel bucket list.

1. Colmar, France

Where It Is: Northeastern France, Alsace Region

Why We Want To Visit: This quaint town is filled with cobblestone streets lined with early Renaissance buildings. It looks like a jump back into medieval times.

When To Go: Most popular time to visit is early winter and a visit to the Christmas Market is a must!

2. Bibury, England

Where It Is: It is in Gloucestershire, England – about a two-hour drive west of London.

Why We Want To Visit: To see the picturesque cottages of Arlington Row.

When To Go: May or June for the best weather and longest daylight hours.

3. Reine, Norway

Where It Is: Just North of the Arctic Circle

Why We Want To Visit: This tiny fishing village has a population of about 300 people. It’s picturesque and lovely. And if you visit, you can probably assume you are the only person you know who can to say they’ve been.

When To Go: July and August are the warmest months with an average temperature of 53 degrees. Avoid January and February (the coldest) and October (the wettest).

4. Dinant, Belgium

Where It Is: Dinant is located in the Walloon Region on the banks of the Meuse River near the French border.

Why We Want To Visit: It looks beautiful and we love that you can walk the whole town in less than an hour!

When To Go: Best temperatures are between May and September.

5. Ravello, Italy

Where It Is: Ravello is located above the Tyrrhenian Sea by Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

Why We Want To Visit: To see the iconic cliffside gardens.

When To Go: Ideal weather is between April and June.

Has anyone been to one of these tiny towns? Anywhere else you’d recommend? Tell us in the comments!


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