Podcasts Week: Finance

Welcome to Podcasts Week! We’re big ‘ol nerds and listen to lots of podcasts, and one genre we keep coming back to is finance. We also both follow a fair number of finance blogs (some focused broadly on personal finance, some on retirement planning, some on the FIRE movement), so maybe we’ll do a rundown of our favorites of those, too, at some point. For today though, feast your ears on these podcasts, our favorite from the finance sector!

Planet Money

npr_planetmoney_podcasttile_sq-7b7fab0b52fd72826936c3dbe51cff94889797a0-s400-c85.jpgPlanet Money is one of the fantastic podcasts brought to us by NPR. They cover money topics that range from financial crises to government cheese to taking control of the onion market. They just celebrated their 10-year anniversary and they have hundreds of great episodes so of which they’ve replayed with a “how things panned out” section after the old episode plays. This is a great podcast for anyone who is even vaguely interested in personal finance.

Money Peach


We love this personal finance podcast because it is so approachable. Anyone can listen to these episodes and get something out of them. You don’t have to be financially secure or even headed in the right direction to get something out of this podcast. Chris peach is a firefighter in Arizona who found himself 52k dollars in debt and figured out how to get out of it. Now he’s teaching others about money and helping people get out of debt. Check out our full post on favorite episodes here.

Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn

97742We expounded on our love for this one just last week! Gaby does an amazing job sharing her honest and raw experiences with money, and the learnings she’s gained from starting at a disadvantaged point. Her variety of guests (plus the questions she asks them!) and topics runs the gamut and is a great listen for newcomers to personal finance and veterans, alike!

podcast_graphic_akdejhYou Need A Budget.

This podcast is great for some short, but totally useful soundbites. Each episode stays around 10-15 minutes but delivers helpful tips, stories of other “normal people” making their way in the world of finance, and explanations of some more in-depth money thoughts and theories. Numbering almost more than 300 episodes, there’s a lot to listen to, and even more to learn with this killer series.

The Dream

the dream.jpg

This podcast is only a few months old but it’s already found its way into our favorites list. The Dream dives deep into the world of pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing, and businesses that require you to recruit members to make a lot of money. It’s investigative journalism into a world that so many of us have had some experience with even if just peripherally. It shows many sides of the business (both positive and negative), the history of how these types of businesses were built and also the emotional connection so many people have to the brands. On the money side, it dives deep into how the companies make money, how the sales reps make money and how the products hold up against the competition.

Do you have any finance podcasts you listen to and recommend?? Let us know in the comments!


  1. This sounds like a great podcast to listen most especially to those people who are struggling with their finances. I will definitely try to listen to all of these, thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. These are a great list of podcasts. We all need to be more financially savvy these days and to teach our kids as well.

  3. I love podcasts, what a great list you’ve compiled. I typically listen to entrepreneur related podcasts but quite a few of these look insightful and interesting. Thank you

  4. This soudns liek a great podcast about financial. It is such an interesting topic. I ahve to share this with my friends.

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