It’s A Thing 11.2.18

  1. If you follow us on Instagram, you probably already know, we are both super thrilled about the Red Sox win this week! I celebrated with a morning walk to grab breakfast at Dunks which always reminds me of living in New England.dunks hollywood.JPG
  2. Our recent posts for podcast week made me realize how far behind I am on some of my subscriptions. Laura and I both contributed to all of our posts last week so there are a few she wrote about that I have yet to listen to, very eager to check out some of her favs as soon as I catch up on my own list!
  3. Very excited about the announcement from the IRS this week about increasing the amount you can contribute to your retirement accounts. I’ve been very into maximizing tax dollars lately and am thrilled that these tools will help.
  4. It’s holiday cup season at Starbucks! As per usual, there’s a bit of controversy. But personally, I love them. Especially in LA (aka, the-land-of-no-seasons), it makes it feel like the weather is changing and the year is coming to a close.
  1. 2018-10-31 10.49.55
    Taco dog celebrating Halloween

    It’s Financial Literacy Month! …in Canada. Theoretically, this is also a month in the U.S., celebrated in April, but I’d never heard of it until Desirae posted about her celebrating it up north. Thoroughly enjoyed all her ways of celebrating and would encourage all of us to use November AND April as reasons to check in on our finances :).

  2. Loved reading through Hilary’s ‘Haunted Los Angeles‘ post this week in the spirit of Halloween! I don’t think I’ve ever taken a tour in this city I’ve lived in for ~8 years but this one has definitely piqued my interest as I learned so many fun tidbits just from her review of it!
  3. Drooling over Amazon’s new collaboration with Jonathan Adler. We’re not super in the market for any additional housewares, but some of these are for sure getting added to my “to give” holiday list!
  4. I’ve been craving a few different “signature” salads from Sweetgreen lately. Loved this post that rounded up recipes replicating some of their most popular (and, conveniently, my favorite!) salads.

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