Gift Guide: For Your Parents

How do you give a gift to the people who gave you life? It’s a perennially difficult conundrum, and the holidays just wouldn’t be complete without it. Whether you’re the child of parents who live close by and you see all the time, or live far and you don’t have great insight into their recent hobbies, getting “the perfect gift” is hard when they all always respond with, “I have everything my heart could desire…I have you.” But what about when you want to wrap something up and stick a bow on it for them?! We’re here to help. Our picks for some great parental presents below!

Microgreen Vertical Garden | Matcha and Milk Frother | Pistachio Pedestal

Baseball Whiskey Chillers | Brew Better Coffee | Personalized Slate Serving Board

Artisan Citrus Juicer | Baking Steel | Donut Socks

Citrus Tree Kit | Happy Tea | Personalized Plaid Throw

Parents always feel so hard to shop for… what’s a present that has won them over for you? Let us know in the comments!

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