It’s A Thing 12.7.18

  1. I woke up this past Wednesday morning to this beautiful sunrise out our kitchen window. Love how the morning light was hitting the buildings of Downtown Los Angeles in the distance. 7589952960_img_2304
  2. After falling down a Reddit travel thread rabbit hole, I was very excited to discover this crowd-sourced list of WiFi passwords at airports around the world.
  3. Loved last week’s Money Peach episode about how to realistically become a millionaire. It’s in the spirit of the book Millionaire Next Door but with more modern day-data. Chris Hogan is an excellent choice for an interviewee and I am super excited to read the upcoming book.
  4. My husband and I are heading to Salt Lake City this weekend to visit a friend and sneak in one more trip before the holidays. I greatly enjoyed reading posts from other bloggers (1, 2, 3)  about their trips to the city and used their posts to craft an itinerary of must-see spots for our short weekend away!
  5. We are both so pumped that the new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is out this week. If you have not tried this show yet, check it out!
  1. My husband and I are traveling to Charleston, South Carolina for the weekend to visit some friends who moved there earlier this year. They have two young kiddos and I’m psyched to see the whole fam! I’m bringing some “kid maker” kits (like these [1], [2]) to do some crafting activities with them while we’re there.
  2. 2018-12-02 18.50.13My office holiday party is coming up next week. Gonna take some outfit inspiration from Emily and throw on pearls and a plaid bow in my hair to “get festive!”
  3. Was very excited to receive my 2019 ‘Little World of Liz Climo‘ daily calendar this week. It is a big hit at my office, which sounds lame when I think about my 14 year-old self imagining 29 year-old me getting psyched about a calendar… but it’s so great! I’ve been following Liz’s blog for years and the daily cartoons always make me laugh.
  4. I binged all of ‘The Sinner‘ on Netflix last weekend. I wasn’t feeling great and needed some serious couch time. I liked the show’s storyline and was very pleased with the season finale…not always a given in the world of cliffhangers and sequel seasons we live in!
  5. I’m trying to finalize my baby registries this week. Anyone have any must-haves (or must not haves!) suggestions?? Let me know!


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