Tips For Traveling in Rainy Weather

I just got back from a quick work trip to San Francisco. Last year after this same trip, I wrote a post about my favorite things to do in SF for a quick trip. This year, I barely got to do any of them because it rained the whole time we were there. But I discovered lots of new fun things to check out and decided to write a whole post about traveling in the rain. Here are my top tips!

PS – my favorite rainy San Franciso activities are the Ferry Building MarketplaceMusée Mécanique, and getting Pho soup in Little Saigon

Plan For Delays

pexels-photo-1755702.jpegFlights are often delayed in the rain and you’ll run into backed up roads and slow conditions for trains too. It’s always good to be prepared for things to go a little slower than expected.

If you are flying and expecting severe weather, call the airline to see if they can switch your flight for free. This is usually something that will happen in the winter/snow but depending on the rain volume it could be worth a shot to call. Also, expect that you may sit on the tarmac for a little longer than usual, pack snacks/water and fully charged electronics. I always travel with a portable charger (and do my best to remember to charge it before I leave) just in case we get stuck on the runway!

Find Indoor Activities

I love walking in the rain but you can only do it for so long. Try to find some great indoor activities on your trips like museums, indoor shopping malls or markets and my favorite – restaurants!

Stay Healthy, Warm and Hydrated!

Rainy weather + travel can often end in a cold. Take your vitamins and boost immunity before, during and after your trip!

I love these little hand warmers, they are small and heat up quickly! I’ve had issues with them at airport security though so put them in your checked bag if you can or on top of your carry on so that they can be easily seen.

It’s hard to remember to drink water when it’s pouring out but it is important to stay hydrated especially if you are traveling via plane and/or walking a lot.

Pack for Weather

pexels-photo-1132024You don’t want to have to buy an overpriced umbrella at the airport or your destination. I have a couple of these that fold up easily into their carry case and can be slipped into my purse or carry on.

Rain boots are a hassle to travel with. They are big and annoying to pack. I like to pack more practical boots that also happen to be waterproof. Winter boots work well for this if it’s also cold, or you can invest in some boot spray to make any of your shoes waterproof. A sturdy pair of sneakers works if you are traveling in warmer weather. If rain boots are the way you want to go, remember that you can roll things up and stick them inside the boots to maximize space.

For the raincoat, I have this one that packs up pretty small and actually looks a lot like a regular coat. If you are not sure if it will rain, you can always travel with a fold-up poncho, they are cheaper and super small/lightweight!

Has anyone else traveled in the rain recently? What are your rainy weather tips?

Let us know what you think!