Mother of the Bride Outfits We Love

Inspired by a comment on our recent Wedding Guest Attire, we’re back with more outfits! But this time for the mother of the bride. Having both gotten married in the past few years, we know the struggle can be real for MOBs, too, to find the *perfect* dress. We’ve rounded up a few below, as well as our favorite paired separates! At the very bottom, there are a few of our favorite MOB accessories to pair with your chosen dress.

43398593_011_a.jpg 43479435_061_a.jpg 45557311_041_a.jpg
05174837_zi_navy.jpg 9414969_fpx.jpg
04707365_zi_black_white.jpg 05341604_zi_black_white 04428523_zi_black_white.jpg


44485514_007_a.jpg 44015311_070_a.jpg 44052744_011_a.jpg

Have you been a Mother of the Bride recently? What did you wear?? Let us know in the comments!


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