5 Tips for Planning a Great Destination Bachelorette Party

As you may know from our previous posts, our 2018 has been filled with weddings! We’ve also been on to a few bachelorette parties and of course, jumped in on some of the planning. These are our top tips for any of you out there that are trying to pull together a celebratory weekend away for your bestie.

TIP 1: Make a weekend schedule.

Communication is Key! Let everyone know what time a few of the “main events” are happening, details for travel/transportation, what to bring and an estimate of what the weekend will cost.

For the schedule, it’s good to have a few scheduled activities but also be sure to include some downtime. You can ask everyone to bring favorite board games – we love Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity and Codenames. Or bring a ton of nail polish, face masks, and other DIY-spa activities. We also love these bachelorette themed activities: Dare Cards, Scavenger Hunt, and Mad Libs.

Be sure to schedule out the meals (make reservations and pick out a few nearby bars that you can hang at before/after) and take a list of dietary restrictions if you’ll be cooking at the house.

TIP 2: Plan for travel.

For travel, factor in how many cars you can park in the driveway or how you’ll get to and from the airport. Be sure to ask everyone to send you their contact information and include your number so they can let you know if plans have changed.

TIP 3: Make a Packing List

Let everyone know what to bring. This is a great way to cut down on costs too, sometimes it is way easier for everyone to bring a few bottles of wine than to go out for a full night of spending at bars.

Figure out your main activities so that you can give a list of attire. Don’t forget to let the bride know too! You might want to have a night out where she wears a white dress and the rest of the girls all pack a black dress. Be sure to order your girl a tiara and bachelorette sash. It might just earn her a few free drinks throughout the night.

Also, figure it if you’ll be doing gifts and let everyone know ahead of time so they have time to buy something. If you are doing lingerie, be sure to include the bride’s sizes/preferences. You may have a few guests that don’t know the bride super well so it’s always good to include a few favorites/ideas – her favorite kind of wine, candle scents she loves and/or favorite color. We love these fun gift ideas: Diamond Dazzle Stick, Voluspa Candles, and pretty much everything in the BHLDN gift section.




TIP 4: Make a Budget.

Costs are always a big thing to take into account, make sure you’ve communicated what the big costs will be and how you want to collect money. The last thing you want is for the bride to feel uncomfortable when the check comes and you are figuring it all out in front of her. Have one person throw down their card and do venmo requests. Or take money from everyone beforehand and refund them back if there is extra at the end of the weekend.

TIP 5: Have back up plans.

You never know when a spot on our bar crawl might not have the right vibe for your group and you may need to sub in a different location.

Bring a portable phone charger and tide-to-go pen in your purse in case the bride needs you to jump in and save the day.

Has anyone else planned or been to a great bachelorette party lately? What are your top tips?

Let us know what you think!