It’s A Thing 8.31.18

  1. Facebook reminded me that 9 years ago today, Laura helped me move into a new apartment in Boston. We took a ton of photos because back then you made Facebook photo albums for everything.  So I’m including a few silly ones of us below. Even though this blog was just a twinkle in our eye, it looks like we were already loving the internet.

    9 years ago
    Us, 9 Years Ago
  2. I’m not usually much of a dog person, but this video is everything.
  3. In travel news this week, I love what Jet Blue is doing with points pooling. I hope this is a trend that takes off among other airlines and points programs. Being able to share points will make it so much easier to book group award travel.
  4. Just started listening to the Crazy Rich Asians audiobook and I love it. The voice actress is incredibly talented and it’s making me greatly enjoy my commute. So glad this became a phenomenon and made me pick up the book. And I loved this travel point of view for how the movie has created a drive for people to visit Singapore.
  1. Loved Rockstar Finance’s list of 101 clever ways to save more money. There are lots of small changes that can definitely start to add up!
  2. I’m always looking for book recommendations so I love when bloggers I follow share what they’re reading. Mackenzie had a list this week and Nora McInerny recently started an Instagram account solely dedicated to her reading adventures! My “to-read” list is growing for sure.
  3. Very much appreciated Desirae’s recent post about planning an affordable honeymoon. Stella and I have both been on ours recently and tried to find the balance between an epic excursion without breaking the bank, and these tips could have come in handy!
  4. Started listening to the Committed Podcast this week and I’m so hooked. I obviously don’t need to add more podcasts to my list, but this one is real good so I couldn’t say no. It’s all about the trials and tribulations couples face throughout marriage, specifically what happens when the “worse” of “for better or for worse” comes into play.


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