Recent Travels: A Long Weekend in Santa Fe

Last month, my husband and I took a long weekend to travel to Santa Fe for a friends wedding. We hadn’t been to Santa Fe in years and enjoyed visiting a few old favorites and finding many new ones. These are my top picks for a trip to Santa Fe.

Getting There

We flew in and out of Albuquerque. It was about a two hour trip from Los Angeles for us and direct flight via Southwest Airlines. Santa Fe has an airport but the flights were much more expensive. You can take the train ($9 one way), shuttle ($33 one way), take an Uber/Lyft or rent a car to get between the two cities. We did the shuttle one way because our timing didn’t work well to take the train. There were three of us for the way back so we actually found that taking a Lyft was the same price as 3 shuttle tickets so opted to do that for privacy and comfort.

Where To Stay

We stayed at two of the Heritage Hotel properties during our trip. The first night at the St. Francis and the second and third nights at the Eldorado (which housed the wedding we attended). We opted to do the non-wedding hotel to save a little money before the festivities and that hotel was much smaller and a tad less comfortable. Both hotels offered a brochure with discounts offered throughout Santa Fe and were an easy walking distance to most of the attractions we visited.


A few of our friends that were traveling in larger groups decided to book AirBnBs and they all had great experiences. I didn’t find many properties that would work well for just a couple which is why we decided to do the hotel instead.

Where To Eat

Favorites during our trip included the Breakfast Burrito at Cafe Pasqual’s, the BBQ Sampler Platter (we split this, it was huge!) at Cowgirl BBQ, the healthy fare and delicious tea at Opuntia and the Guacamole Flight at AGAVE Lounge. On our last night, we were pretty tired of southwest cuisine so we decided to do pizza at Il Vicino Wood Oven.

For a refreshing pre-dinner drink, check out the Gruet Winery Tasting Room and get a flight of bubbly. They had a lovely selection of sparkling wines and each one was unique and delicious. They also have a few non-bubbly options for those interested.


The coolest thing we did by far was Meow Wolf. It is a huge art installation/immersive experience and there are just no words to explain the experience. If you are in Santa Fe and up for an experience. You must check it out.

We spent a ton of time walking around the small city and even checked out an oxygen bar. The oxygen bar helps with altitude and though I think it is mostly placebo, it was a fun thing to try. Be sure to try their Matcha Tea lattes as well!

Has anyone else been to Santa Fe recently, what are your top picks? Let us know in the comments!

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