It’s A Thing 9.7.18

  1. I am super obsessed with my new favorite work shoes. Rothy’s are a bit more expensive than my go-to Target Flats but they are oh-so-worth-it! The comfy material is made from recycled plastic bottles and they are washable which keeps them looking fresh.

    Rothy’s Flats
  2. I am very excited for Serial Season 3! I loved season one but was semi-disappointed with season two so I am hoping that the new story pulls me back in.
  3. I am trying to be a bit healthier as we jump into fall and am embarking on a challenge to do 20 hot yoga classes this month – wish me luck!
  4. I’ve added this healthy taco soup into my dinner rotation, it was recommended to me by a co-worker who freezes it in individual bags and brings it for lunch all the time.
  5. I finally decided to give Shark Tank a try and am feeling incredibly inspired by these entrepreneurs. I also fell down a Mark Cuban podcast rabbit hole and have listened to a few great interviews he’s done. My favorite so far is the one he did with NPR’s How I Built This.


  1. 2018-09-02 14.20.01
    We pickled 3 lbs of peppers last weekend!

    I’m a big s’mores fan (getting a fire pit was priority number 1 when we redid our backyard) and was droooooling over Mollie’s ‘Easy S’mores Bars‘ recipe this week! Will need to try this one once the weather here finally cools down.

  2. I’m lusting after the new KJP pearl monogram collection.
  3. My husband and I (finally) saw Crazy Rich Asians last weekend (spoiler: I agree with the rest of the world and loved it!). Really liked this Design Milk article on the design and architecture highlighted and included from Singapore in the film.
  4. This HBR article on women supporting each other at work got passed around my office’s #ladies slack channel and it gave me that warm butterflies “yes please” kind of feeling. I love how much more it is being talked about to support fellow women in the workplace, and that there are content examples happening more and more (hi, I finished bingeing ‘The Bold Type‘ season 2 yesterdayyyy!).

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  1. Hi guys, and thanks for the shout-out on those S’more bars! (Talk about support!!) I love those shoes – and made out of plastic bags and washable!! How cool is that!

    And a great article on women supporting each other (HBR) I wasn’t surprised because like most women my age, I’ve lived it all, not to mention a lot that she didn’t delve into. Or maybe I should l say I’m always surprised so much by that kind of thing that its no longer a surprise. But the article gave concrete advice and created a feeling of hope and empowerment!

    You guys are great!! 🙂


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