7 Surprising Things You Can Sell on eBay

I am constantly looking for new ways to make a little side money and love when I find a  way to earn a little extra income especially without spending money to do it. And my husband and I are always looking for ways to make our life more minimalist and cut down on the physical things in our life.

So today’s post is about combining those two goals and make money by reducing the things in your house. Be sure to check out our post about Selling Things Online, for our tips on which platform to use for each kind of item and how to create the best listings. These particular items are ones that I think would be great and easy to sell on eBay. And my favorite part is, most of these things are items most people would throw away!

Blue Apron Meal Cards

Can you believe it!? Those recipes that you get for free in your meal kit boxes are actually worth something. They are great recipes and I always hold on to the cards but very rarely actually end up making the meals again. Check out these sold listings where people have made profits selling those pieces of paper!

Wine Corks and Bottle Caps

If you don’t mind holding onto your wine corks and bottle caps to build up a collection, people are always looking for these items for DIY projects. You are certainly not going to make a fortune selling these, but it could be worth your time to save these items after hosting a party or if you pool your collection with friends.

Recycle Items

Think egg cartons and toilet paper rolls. These things are often popular among the DIY community. And they are great for parents working on school projects.

Broken Appliances

Yep, you heard that right, BROKEN appliances. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. Check out these examples of people capitalizing on just that!

Random Parts

Going off the example above, you can also sell just a piece of something. It may be just the item someone else needs. The categories here go on and on. You can do just the top from a blender that stopped working or just one side mirror off of a car. You may have just the piece someone else is missing! Here are a few completed listings and what the sold for:

Instruction Manuals

Do you have old instruction manuals lying around that you don’t even have the electronic that it belongs with anymore? Someone out there probably still does and they’ve managed to lose their instruction manual. Here are a few examples of sold items.


Textbooks are the perfect type of book to sell and get off your shelves. There is always a market for them (especially if you have the current edition) and you very likely will never need them again. For examples, check out the textbook section of eBay.

You can also sell cookbooks you never use or old books that may hold nostalgic value for someone else.

Does anyone else have favorite random items to sell on eBay? Let us know in the comments!


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