It’s A Thing 10.13.18

Whoops! For only the second time in our little blog’s history we missing hitting published on our Friday post! No worries, better late than never…

  1. I went to a great event last night hosted by Nordstrom and Popsugar. They have more pop-up events over the weekend, if you are in LA – check them out! At the event, I discovered the brand Skin Laundry. They gave me a hydro boost and luscious face mask.  My favorite item of theirs though was actually the cleansing cloths. They are going to be a perfect addition to my gym bag. My skin feels amazing today, I can’t wait to start using their products on a regular basis.

    Skin Laundry Hydro Boost Treatment
  2. After listening to the Money Peach episode that I mentioned in last week’s It’s a Thing, I’ve been inspired to do lots of research about Roth IRAs and ways to secure & maximize tax-free money for your future self. I greatly enjoyed these articles: Secrets of a $100,000,000 Roth IRA, 7-Ways You Can Earn Tax-Free Income and Should I Borrow Money in Law School to Fund a Roth IRA?
  3. I’m on a huge “sell everything you don’t need” kick this week and even wrote a post about random things you can sell on eBay. Wanted to give a shout out to my sister in law who has created her own marketplace buying and restoring old furniture and creating one of a kind pieces. Check out her online store, Sisterhood Restoration.
  4. This week, I binged to the first four episodes of The Dream podcast and am loving it so far. The team behind The Dream is diving deep into Pyramid Schemes, Ponzi Schemes, and Multi-Level Marketing.
  1. 2018-10-06 16.54.48 HDRI just finished ‘Upstairs at the White House‘ after devouring it in ~3 days! It was such a fun read that gives an historical look into the intricacies of family life in the White House, and all that accompanies running the mansion. (PS – it’s free on Kindle unlimited!)
  2. Was not super surprised at the news of Google+ shutting down that came this week… but I do find it interesting that Google has an extensive history of products the company has sunsetted (anyone else feel like Google Wave could have really had its moment if it debuted just a few years later?!).
  3. I love Krista’s post on doing her own wedding makeup! I also did my own makeup for my wedding(s!) and would love to see it catch on as a trend! Such an easy way to save some $$ in the planning.
  4. I’ve been sharing my two posts on Personal Capital (tracking and tips!) with friends and coworkers a bunch lately. I definitely believe getting a hold on your finances isn’t possible without the in-depth tracking that Personal Capital provides!

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