It’s A Thing 10.19.18

  1. I am obsessed with the new shape of the Grab N Go Sriracha packets from Huy Fong Foods. They are perfect little bottle replicas. img_0086
  2. The weather is finally changing a bit even here in sunny LA! It’s been windy lately. Francesca’s is one of my favorite stores for fall fashion and I am super lucky to have a location walking distance from my office.
  3. Very excited to start listening to the Sold in America podcast about the sex trade in America. The first episode and trailer already have me wanting to hear more. Can’t wait for more episodes next week.
  4. I love using glass Tupperware. Not only is it healthier, but I like eating out of it more (for lunch at work) and it is so much easier to clean. My one issue is, the lids always wear down way before I need to replace the bottoms. Love that you can buy a “lids only” pack on amazon.
  1. Screenshot 2018-10-18 19.11.53Stella has an amazing pumpkin soup recipe (that I legit have dreams about). But I was still intrigued by I’d Rather Be Meryl’s recipe this week for a fall pumpkin soup… perhaps a little A/B test is in order? Consider my weekend planned.
  2. Got a pretty good kick out of this airbnb listing. You all may or may not know that Stella and I are pretty big Dunkin Donuts fans. Maybe a tiny home vacay is in order.
  3. Loved this TFD article on ‘How I Wish Women Talked About Money.’ Ties in with my latest podcast review, and also very much encourages me to speak more with all my lady friends about finances!
  4. I’ve been in full on baseball mode this week. I’m a Red Sox fan and my husband is a Dodgers fan, so we’ve had A LOT of baseball to watch. I’m simultaneously (very) nervous and (tentatively) excited about a potential Sox/Dodgers World Series. He’s out of town for a few days and I’m seriously considering “surprising” him with this purchase when he’s back.

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  1. This post has pretty much all of the things I LOVE- Sriracha packets (need to FIND), airbnb, dunkin donuts (love their coffee) and Francesca’s!! I would love to stay in a tiny home that sounds so cool especially THAT one! 🙂

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