Calendar Sharing

We are both nerds when it comes to our calendars and are very thorough to the point that we even update past appointments to reflect what time things actually occurred. All that being said, we are also a bit different when it comes to how we share our calendars with our significant others. So without further ado  – here’s the breakdown of our individual takes on calendar sharing!


My husband and I each have our own calendars (shared with each other) and then we also have a shared calendar “Stella and Sam Things” where either of us can add things for both of us. I love that this means we have three colors, his things, my things, and our together things. We can always see when we are busy and it’s easy to add plans without having to confirm with each other.


My husband, Jacob, and I each have our own calendars and do not share them with each other, or have a shared calendar. I mostly take the reigns on our calendar planning as far as vacations, travel for weddings, travel to see my family on the east coast, etc. (Jacob’s family lives here so we see them on more spur of the moment occasions, but do still schedule in birthday dinners, special events, and the like.) Whenever we have an event that we’ll both be at, one of us will create it and invite the other as an attendee so that it shows up on both of our calendars. I also use mine to mark when Jacob is traveling for work so that I’ll remember I’m on solo dog-mom duty. As the planner of our household, I keep a pretty good record of Jacob’s night activities, work schedule, etc. in my head, so I know when we as a couple can attend something or if I’ll be going solo.


We also have a shared calendar between the two of us and our best friend, Amy. Called ASL VID (Amy, Stella, Laura Very Important Dates). We use this calendar to mark when we are traveling and add key travel points to our shared calendar. That way we are always aware of where in the world our best friends are and we can more easily make plans for when we can travel together.


Does anyone else have calendar tips for how to share with your significant other and/or besties? Let us know in the comments!


  1. We have one central one hanging on the fridge – it (renewed each year obviously) has worked as a charm for us for 29 years and counting. 🙂

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