It’s A Thing 10.26.18

We (briefly!) interrupt podcast week to bring you our regularly scheduled ‘It’s A Thing’ post! But be sure to check out all our listening recommendations and fill up those playlists for the weekend!

  1. One of my friends just got her wedding photos back and I love this one that her photographer captured of me and my husband. It’s candid and lovely, we were posing for our friend with an iPhone and love this shot even more. Her photographer did a fantastic job capturing the whole event. 44768053_10102367298506763_5247822566759858176_n.jpg
  2. Call me crazy, but I thought Spindrift was just another standard canned sparkling water. I was wrong/uninformed/living-in-a-dull-sparkling-water-world. Sam brought some home for me last week and I was floored. You guys, it is so much better than all the other run of the mill sparkling waters. It’s not too sweet (my issue with most carbonated beverages) but bursting with flavor. I am seriously going to have to start buying it in bulk.
  3. I am so pleased with theSkimm’s webpages about voting. They outline so many of the key issues in an extremely thoughtful and approachable way.
  4. I’ve been extra feeling the travel bug lately, especially since there seem to be so many great deals to Europe circulating this week. If you are new to our blog, check out my post on booking a flight deal and be sure to sign up for Scott’s newsletter – it’s by far my favorite source for booking travel deals.
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    bunny sploot

    Stumbled upon this group called ‘Women and Whiskies‘ this week which sounds right up my alley! I couldn’t find any upcoming events (they just had one in LA that I missed!) but I did do quite a bit of perusing of their recipes page

  2. I may or may not have done a little bit of daydreaming regarding this week’s megamillions lottery. Did anyone else buy tickets? Previous to this week I had always heard that conventional wisdom was to get the annuity payouts, but after reading this article (and getting in some heated lunchtime discussions with coworkers), I’m now on the lump sum bandwagon!
  3. I’m constantly on the lookout for my next great read. Two sources I’ve found have rarely (if ever!) let me down are the Call Your Girlfriend Goodreads list and Nora McInerny‘s dedicated Instagram account to her current books.
  4. I appreciated The Financial Diet‘s rundown on “every single financial document you should have on file” this week. Definitely a good list to keep around to refresh your memory on what (from your endless amounts of paperwork stacks… just me??) is actually important.


  1. Yes!!! I love the Skimm’s voting pages. And Hubby and I just booked a flight to Costa Rica that I thought was pretty cheap. Now I wish I had read your post first

  2. Candid shots are my favorite. As a travel photographer, that’s what I aim for when humans are involved. And, oh yes, lots of daydreaming about the lottery but I never got a ticket.

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