Podcasts Week: Travel

It’s no secret we’re big on traveling, but when it comes to listening about travel, we actually didn’t have a very long listen list of podcasts related to travel. We set out to find some new ones to love, and are now committed subscribers to our faves!

81357The Hidden History of Los Angeles

So, not necessarily a “travel” podcast for us, per se, but a great listen for anyone who lives in L.A. or is a history buff visiting the city, this podcast goes deep on historical buildings, landmarks, and freeways. Giving a rich background into the city’s landscape in its earliest days, host Robert Petersen delves into the city’s planning, how Los Angeles got its name, and so much more!

1200x630bb-1Extra Pack of Peanuts

This podcast inspires you to travel to new destinations and helps you get there without breaking the bank. The episodes range from interviews to travel tips to location-specific episodes. We particularly love the “destination diaries” where Travis and Sherry, talk about the places the’ve been and attractions they loved most. They love to find hidden gems and tell their listeners where to find these amazing travel destinations. A few weeks ago they spent almost two hours talking about their favorite breweries across the US – Travis has been to 145+! It’s a great podcast for domestic and international travelers alike.

7e42493b8284fca1380b726094a33623Rick Steves Audio Tours, Travel with Rick Steves

The Rick Steves series are always a go-to for us when we’re traveling to a new city, especially in Europe. Laura just used the audio tours for Barcelona, Berlin, and Vienna this year! They’re a great way to get to know the layout, a brief history, and some hidden gems of a city you’ve just arrived in. Beyond that, the Rick Steves Travel show is a weekly edition that focuses on a certain landmark, tradition, or locale. Lots to learn with all these options!

WOTR.iTunes.CoverArt-08Women on the Road

Coming at you every other week, host Laura Hughes of She Explores is living that #vanlife and interviewing other women who have chosen a life of travel. From a post-college bestie road trip duo to a jewelry owner who has taken her business on the road with her full-time, each episode will leave you wander-lusting for the wide open roads!

Do you have any travel podcasts you listen to and recommend?? Let us know in the comments!

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