Podcasts Week: Home

Ever had an etiquette question you just couldn’t crack? Or wanted to find out if quirks in your marriage are shared among other couples? Had an endless list of parenting questions? You’re in luck, as these are the questions our favorite home-worthy podcasts seek to answer! Our favorites below:

94754Katie Couric

Master interviewer Katie Couric has a slate of very impressive guests and covers so many topics in her interviews. One of our favorite things about her podcast is that it feels like she is having a chat with her guests in their living room. She makes delicious slow cooked scrambled eggs with truffle butter on brioche toast with the Barefoot Contessa and has a candid conversation with Martha Stewart while sitting in her gorgeous New York home. This podcast takes you into the lives of celebrities but in a wonderfully approachable and delightful way.

Awesome-Etiquette-ThumbnailAwesome Etiquette

Produced by the Emily Post Institute (because, really, who else would you want to be publishing a podcast on etiquette!), Awesome Etiquette is a great show that focuses on the basics of etiquette while still pulling in modern examples and explaining how some etiquette rules have morphed and changed to fit our evolving lives. Based on a call- and write-in model, hosts Dan and Lizzie take questions from listeners every week as well as listener feedback to their answers from previous episodes.


Telling the stories of couples from near and far, this podcast has a central theme but so many narratives. The podcast’s host, Jo Piazza, is also the author of the book ‘How To Be Married,’ and the show sometimes feels like the long-lived audio answer to the book. Discovering couples who have struggled through trials (immediately fell in love with this podcast during the first episode which is a doozy), who have been together for 50+ years or just a few months, these are stories you might want to have a box of tissues nearby for.

22045The Longest Shortest Time

Even if you’re not a parent, The Longest Shortest Time is a great listen to get into the minds and behaviors of parents and kids alike. Alternating perspectives between “raising humans” and “humans that raise us,” this show examines the surprising absurdities that come up in parenthood ranging from being a working mother and spying on your kids to choosing to be child free and discovering a sisterhood who have all shared the same sperm donor!



Dubbed “the hidden side of everything,” Freakonomics explores the nudges, cultural shifts, and experiments of behavioral economics. A spinoff of the hosts’ (Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt) popular book by the same title, the podcast allows for more in-depth stories and research as well as anecdotal evidence in the form of listener comments and suggestions.

Do you have any home-related podcasts you listen to and recommend?? Let us know in the comments!

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