Laura is Pregnant!

Surprise! Last week my husband and I announced publicly that we’re expecting! I’m due in early May of 2019 with a baby boy. We opted to take full advantage of our recent sports rivalry and posted these on Instagram (obviously the Red Sox photo got more likes 😍).

Before we found out we were expecting a boy, we had started referring to unknown-sex baby as “Beep” because I find it endlessly hilarious and it’s a gender neutral word. And now every Thursday when I “level up” a week and find out what size fruit Beep is, I update the letter sign used in our announcements to proclaim the fruit (this week’s reads: “Beep is a peach! 🎈”).

It’s been a rough couple of weeks as my first trimester brought with it some of the standard nausea and exhaustion (obviously I had heard that growing a person is tiring… but I’ve truly never felt this level of being absolutely shattered). But, it’s also been a very fun few weeks as we’ve both been learning a lot about Beep’s development and looking forward to some of the fun parts of pregnancy that are (hopefully!!) coming up.

Another change this announcement is bringing, is one for the blog! Stella (who is absolutely delighted, by the way, and an excellent secret-keeper as she didn’t even tell her husband while knowing for a good 6 weeks before he found out) and I decided that our ‘Home‘ category has been a little bit lacking in content, and will heretofore be renamed as ‘Home & Family‘ to encompass my addition… and hopefully give us some more content ideas to flesh out that category!

I’ve definitely been craving things (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Thai curry, and very recently a combo of deviled eggs and brownies…) and have found a few ways to curb and manage my nausea (cinnamon gum! I’m chewing it buy the bushel-full!). Beyond that I’m reading lots of books (recommendations welcome!), trying to stay away from too many forums (😬), and basically sleeping at all possible moments.

Well. This has been a very heavy-exclamation marked post, but for sure be on the lookout for some upcoming content on my experience with the first trimester!

Anyone else pregnant at the moment? Or have new parent tips for the future mama to be?? Have any crazy cravings that rivals brownies/deviled eggs? Let us know in the comments!


  1. So exciting, congratulations! πŸ™‚ I never had really weird pregnancy cravings, but mine seemed to stick with me the whole pregnancy, ha! Ice cream with my eldest boy and roast veggies with my second. I was obsessed with sweet potato!

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