It’s A Thing 12.21.18

  1. My family usually makes homemade caramels for Christmas presents each year. We almost always use Martha’s recipe and it always works well for us. But we’ve been eyeing this one this year to try something different.

    BBQ at a local spot in my hometown
  2. I thought this accidental party invite to 25,000 people was very hilarious and also sounds so awful. I am an event planner at a very similar type of company with around the same number of employees so can very easily imagine how they must feel.
  3. I loved reading this heartwarming Christmas story.
  4. I finally started watching Grey’s Anatomy. I know, I am years behind. Laura and I are both huge Scandal fans, so I have no idea why I never settled down to watch it. Maybe I just felt like I didn’t need another hospital show in my life…? But anyway, it’s a great watch and I am loving getting to binge it, so if you’ve put it off like me, watch it now! It’s great!
  1. 2018-12-15 19.46.26
    Cheese “board” aka cheese table from a holiday party last weekend!

    In doing podcast research for our recommendations on ‘What to Do After The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,’ ‘Unladylike‘ was a new-to-me listen and one I have thoroughly binged over the last week or so. I still have some episodes to catch up on but I’ve loved listening to these ladies chat all things female!

  2. I think I’ve said this before in It’s A Thing, but I’m always on the lookout for book recommendations. Into the Gloss did a roundup of their favorite reads to gear up for 2019 and Adventurous Kate did a roundup of her favorite books of 2018 and they both definitely expanded my “to read” list!
  3. My husband found this video about an engineer’s attempt at thwarting package thieves by completely over-engineering a fake Apple HomePod package that actually dispensed an obscene amount of glitter followed by a foul-smelling spray, and captured the thief’s reaction on camera. A bit of a lengthy video, but totally worth it to see all the detail that went into crafting such an intense retribution technique.
  4. This article about a 3D-printed head cracking some phones’ “face detection” was an interesting take on phone security.

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