Best of 2018

Happy 2019! We’re so excited to be celebrating the new year and already looking forward to so many things that will happen in it. That being said, we definitely really loved 2018 and had some truly high moments because of this blog. We’ve both really enjoyed so many aspects of blogging, one of which is that we have weekly editorial meetings, which means we get to see each other on a very regular cadence! Beyond that we had a ton of content in 2018 that we really loved coming up with and writing. Here are our top 10 posts that made us really love this whole blogging thing.

1. Our 10-Year Friendaversary

We can’t believe how fast the last ten (now, almost eleven!) years have flown by! We celebrated by spending a long weekend in Montreal, eating all the poutine, and freezing our California-blooded butts off!

2. Galentine’s Date Ideas

We’re all about a good girls night, and this post let our imaginations run wild on the possibilities. It’s coming up again soon, and we’re so psyched to celebrate even more.

3. What To Do When You Finish The Crown

We’ve had a few different roundups since this first one (Scandal, West World, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), but this first one kicked us off and it was such a fun one to do. Neither of us are huge TV watchers, but we do love getting into a binge-worthy show and then jumpstarting some of our podcast-listening and book-reading based on the show.

4. Wedding Week

A bit of a cheat because this is actually six posts linked from our intro, but Wedding Week was for sure a blog highlight of 2018! Stella is a freelance wedding planner on the weekends and with Laura getting married last year (with three weddings!), lots of talk centered on wedding communication, budgets, bridesmaids, and registries!

5. 9 Creative Uses for Lemons

This is a silly thing about our friendship, and about Stella and her relationship with her husband, but lemons are a big thing in our lives. Not only do we love them as a cooking additive and water-flavorer, but we’ve found myriad other uses for them, too!

6. Recent Travels: African Safari

Stella’s honeymoon was 100% one for the books. If you haven’t seen the amazing photos in this post (and in her travels to Durban and Victoria Falls), get over there now!

7. What to Expect at a Korean Spa

We had both been to a Korean Spa before April of last year, but that visit was the first time we’d been together. We had such a fun ladies day out, but also had a fair number of questions previous to our visit, so documenting the ins and outs was a fun post to write.

8. Navigating TSA Without Photo ID

Definitely not a thing either of us had ever hoped to happen, Stella handled her cool remarkably well when the inevitable did. We’ve been surprised to hear about how many of our friends and family have had similar experiences, and that being successful in the situation is really all about giving yourself more time to figure out the bureaucracy.

9. The First Trimester

Laura getting pregnant was a pretty fun way to cap off 2018. We’re looking forward to all the new Family posts that can come out of this adventure!

10. It’s A Thing x52!

Another bit of a cop out, but our weekly It’s A Things are some of our favorite posts to write and go back and re-read! We’re generally really good at gchatting during the week and sharing links and recommendations, but this is a great way to keep a record of it all and to document any that may have previously slipped through the cracks!

What was your favorite part of 2018? Have any resolutions or goals for 2019? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Excellent recap of your year and love the excitement for your new year! You know me…just taking it one 10 day dry at a time ;-)! Happy New Year!

  2. Your It’s a Thing is my fave part of your site! Although I do love it all ~~I’m excited to see baby pics, too. I love them even better than puppy or kitty pics, although labrador puppies come pretty close, lol!! Happy New Year’s, guys!!

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