It’s A Thing 2.24.19

Laura’s going to go ahead and blame last week’s holiday coupled with pregnancy brain for not hitting publish on this on Friday!

  1. I’m helping a friend move and doing a big closet clean out, hence my post all about selling clothes on Poshmark this week. It’s very interesting to sit down and think about what you really use and wear in your closet and refreshing to do a big clean out.

    Cold weather in LA sure brings beautiful clouds!
  2. It has been COLD in LA this week, many days have been in the 40s and we’ve had a lot of rain, both of which are very unusual for this part of the country. After a few weeks of this, I’ve finally decided I need to invest in a warm jacket that is business-y enough to wear to work events. Planning to swing by the mall after work today and have my eye on these jackets from Macy’s (1), (2), (3). Ideally, I want something black (my current jacket is bright red) and not too expensive because I will wear it so seldom.
  3. I love the Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites and think it is awesome that such a giant breakfast chain is embracing the low-carb diet. But, $4.45 for basically two eggs is just outrageous to me. So I got to googling and found these copycat recipes (1), (2), (3). I really love the consistency and it seems like I can get it by using something as simple (read: cheap) as a silicone egg tray in the oven but some bloggers recommend an Instant Pot. Has anyone had luck trying to re-create them?
  4. I found this episode of Planet Money about the lost plane very interesting. And loved reading this follow up article by one of my favorite travel bloggers. It’s always fun when you get crossover between different platforms that you subscribe to!
  1. I’ve been behind on my podcast list for what feels like eternity, but the end is finally in sight (I have 36 episodes to listen to before I’m at “inbox zero” in podcastland). Forever ago I downloaded all of the Werk It festival episodes (…from 2016) so imagine my surprise when I finally got down to listen to them, and there are now also episodes from 2017 and this past January! Been learning lots about the inner workings of an industry I’m enthralled with!2019-02-17 20.27.30
  2. The nesting instincts have come on strong in trimester number three and all of a sudden my to do list seems longer than a CVS receipt. We’re turning our guest room into the nursery and it has required quite the combination of “get this out of the house by any means possible” (enter Poshmark, EBAY, Craigslist, OfferUp, and Salvation Army donations by the truck-full) and “who knew we needed so much new stuff.”
  3. I started watching ‘Killing Eve‘ last week and even though I’m only three episodes in, I can’t wait to have some binge time with it! Definitely feel late to the game on this one.
  4. Really enjoyed Desirae’s encouragement to track net worth. I started tracking mine (on paper.) in 2012 as a way to keep track of how much student debt I was still drowning under, but it quickly became an incentive to throw any extra money I had at them so I could see that one number go up. Now I use Personal Capital as well as a monthly check in to a google doc. Much more efficient, but still a lovely incentive to save!

Let us know what you think!