7 Tips for Selling Clothes on Poshmark

We’ve both been fans of selling things online for years. I’ve been a big eBay seller for most of my side hustling because many of the things that I have to sell are new with tags and small (easy to ship). But lately, I’ve been getting really into selling clothes on Poshmark. They do a great job of integrating the world of re-selling your things and a social network all in one platform. It’s a great way to recycle your old clothes and make a little side money!

I’ve been helping a friend move and between her closet and mine, it’s been a big Poshmark week for me. So I’ve decided to round up a few of the tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Take Great Pictures

This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s actually harder than you think and incredibly important!

If you are selling something that is new with tags, I like to use the stock photo from the original site if I can. The thing is brand new so the model will do a much better job of showing the thing than you will. But I also think it’s important to include a few photos of the actual item so they know you are legit. Include one showing the tag still attached and a full length of the item that shows it does not have any wear and tear.

If you are selling something used or that you have worn before, it is even more important to include as many pictures as possible. People want to be able to see the quality of the item and if it looks worn.

Make sure to use good lighting and maybe even invest in a mannequin to make your items stand out.

2. Write Detailed Descriptions

If something is brand new, that’s pretty much all you need to say about its quality. But you can also add a bit about why you bought it and didn’t keep it or what it would be perfect for. That way when someone searches for “wedding guest dresses” in the search box, your cocktail dress will pop up.

Be very clear about the condition of your item. And inspect it well yourself. It feels awful to have someone catch something after you’ve sent it out to them that you didn’t see before you shipped.

3. Follow Other Users

follow.JPGYour feed is built by the postings and shares from people you follow. Unlike most social platforms, no one seems to care how many people you follow and most people tend to follow you back. So hit the follow button and you’ll probably have that person turn around and check out your “closet” of listings.

My favorite way to find new people to follow is by going to a list of someone else’s followers and then going down the line and clicking follow on everyone. It’s quick and usually results in reciprocation.

You should also follow Posh Ambassadors and people with large followings. Those people have users that use my above tactic all the time. This works really well with any partnerships that Poshmark is doing. Follow the celebrities that have accounts and/or that Poshmark is partnered with to get lots of people to follow you.

4. Share Listings

When you create a listing, it gets added to the feeds of everyone who follows you and when you re-share your listing it also adds to the feed. When you share someone else’s listing, it does the same thing. When you share an active user’s listing, they’ll often reciprocate by sharing one of yours. And if their following is big, your item just got blasted to a big audience. More people see it and then you have a better chance of sales.

share this listing.JPG

5. Use the Price Drop Feature

If you like someone’s listing, that usually means you are interested in it. Once you have someone like one of your listings, you can offer then a private discount if they buy within 24 hours. It will notify everyone and let them know you offered a discount. If someone liked your thing but was looking for a better price, you got them!

You can also offer public price drops and sometimes Poshmark will market those for you too. So keep an eye out on the announcements from Poshmark, there can be an art to when you price drop!

offer to likers.JPG

6. Respond Quickly to Questions

Questions about your items, usually mean that the person is interested. Be sure to keep notifications on for comments on your items in case someone needs more detail in order to make a decision.

7. Ship Quickly, Send a Thank You Note and Pack Things Well

Once you’ve sold an item, you still have work to do! Get things in the mail right away and pack the box well so nothing gets damaged. Poshmark also recommends adding a thank you note and it’s a really sweet touch to get something personal in the mail. Staying on top of sales helps keep your profile in good standing and keep you selling in the future!

Has anyone else used Poshmark to sell items? Let us know about your experience in the comments!

If you are new to Poshmark, use my link to sign up and get $10 in credit and check out my closet and Laura’s closet!

Let us know what you think!